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Power outages can happen at any time. Leaving you without electricity, you need to run important systems in your home. Getting a standby home backup generator installed is the answer. No need to worry about the AC or heater not working when a summer storm or a blizzard knocks out power.

For some homes having a backup power system is a medical necessity. Our electric contractors are Cape May County’s best at installing home generators.

What type of home standby generator is right for you? Our home backup generator electricians can help guide you to making the right choice for your needs. Get a FREE Consultation Today!

Types of Home Standby Generators We Install

Although there are several fuel types of backup home generators, propane and natural gas are the most common. There are diesel fuel backup generators as well, but are not that common. 

When the power goes out, you will need to figure out what you want to have power to. Backup generators range from 10kw to 28kw and more. The smaller the kilowatts the less you can run. A standard 10kw generator can supply the essential needs for most homes. But if you want to power your whole home, a 22-24kw generator is the way to go. 


Natural Gas Standby Generator Installation

If you are connected to the public gas lines, this is the type of generator that would be best for you. The home generator kicks on when the power goes out and has an endless supply of natural gas.

Propane Backup Generator Installation

Propane generators are best installed for those who are not connected to the public natural gas grid. A propane tank would be needed for this type of generator installation. The capacity of the tank will dictate how long your generator will run.

Propane backup generator installation for homes
Propane Backup Generator Installation.
Natural Gas Generator Installation for Your Home.
Natural Gas Backup Generator Installation.

Home Standby Generator Brands

Generac is the leader in backup home generators, but there are other brands for homeowners to choose should the power go out. Our electricians install all major brands of backup home generators

A crisis like a natural disaster (blizzards, hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc), blackouts are only worsened by a lack of electric power to your home. The brands of generators our electric contractors install will create an oasis from the chaos, and adds peace of mind.

The Best Home Generator Brands Are:

Generator Installers Cape May County, New Jersey
Generac Backup Generator Installers

Having the right electric company to install your home standby generator is important. From getting the proper permits, coordinating with gas companies, to installing the proper transfer switch are paramount to a successful generator installation. 


Our electricians are trained installers for backup generators, so they know how to install all brands of generators. Getting a FREE consultation is as simple as filling out the form below.

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