Electric Panel Upgrades & Installation in Cape May County, NJ

A question many Cape May County home owners have is when to replace their home electric service panel. Having your home’s service panel upgraded by licensed electric contractors is important if your fuse panel doesn’t have the amp rating you need to power your home. Signs are breakers keep tripping or you don’t have any empty spots left for a circuit breaker.  

You may be considering a service panel upgrade because you have or adding an addition, garage or other items that require more power, such as an electric vehicle charging station.

Our local electrical contractors can advise you on what is best for your home’s needs.

Common types of electric main service panels you will find in a home are 100 amp, 150 amp and 200 amp. With larger homes having 300+amps. Our electricians install, repair and replace all service panel brands.They will even properly label your electric panel so you know what breaker goes to what part of your home. Many homeowners are upgrading their electrical panels from smaller sized 100 Amps to 200-amp panels.


If you are planning to upgrade or you’re building a new home, then it’s helpful to know what are the best electrical panel brands out there.


Best brands of home electric service panels are:

  • Siemens Electrical Panels
  • Square D
  • Leviton Panels
Professional electrician installing components in electrical shield The electrician checks the
Electrician Check a New Service Panel During Installation

#1 Safety! Your electrical panel is an important part of your home. Could you imagine a home without electricity?. A service panel is designed to keep your lights, appliances and power hungry electric systems running. There are significant benefits to upgrading your electrical panel.


Common Reasons to Upgrade

  • Lights Flicker
  • Lights dim when you turn on larger appliances
  • Burning smell
  • Scorch marks on your outlets
  • Sparks when you plug things in
  • Shocks when you touch an appliance
  • Warmth around your electric panel
  • Electrical cords that get warm
  • Frequent circuit trips or blown fuses
  • Noises in your breaker box
  • Corrosion or damaged fuse panel


Increased power demands, from hot tubs, larger appliances, bigger TVs, pools and more can rob a small panel quickly. When your electrical usage is high, your electrical panel may not be able to supply you with the electric you need. Our electric contractors can diagnose what your new service panel will need to be amperage wise. 

House hold boiler house with heat wired electrical terminals on metal bar wall insulation in wooden
Electric Panel Upgrade While Remodeling
The frame building or a house with basic electrical wiring
Upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp Service.

Service Panel Replacement Costs Cape May County, NJ

The price to have your service panel upgraded will greatly depend on what size electric panel you have to the one you are upgrading to. An electrical panel upgrade can include a lot of different things. Adding more circuit breakers, upgrading your service from 100 to 200 amps and even removing an old fuse box and replacing it with new panel and circuit breakers that can supply the power you need. All these tasks affect the price. 


A good baseline figure for a panel upgrade budget is $1,500 to $4,000. But if the work is extensive, then it could be more. The best way to know is to get a FREE estimate from one of our local electric contractors. They will give you a fair estimate, advice and sound information to decide to upgrade. Getting your quote is easy. Just fill out the form below.

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