Electric Vehicle Charging Home Installation Cape May County

For many Cape May County homeowners an electric vehicle home charging station installation is in the future. With electric cars almost a sure thing when we look ahead. No need to worry about charging your car at home. Our electric contractors can install an EV charging point in your home. 

The concept of filling your car up at home will soon become a habit as electric vehicle purchases rise. Charging your electric car at home has many benefits. One is there will be no need to sit at a public EV charging station and wait while your car repowers.

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Point at Home

You can have the luxury of charging your car up at night or any other time the car is not being used. An EV home charging point installation by our electricians is quick and done right. That way, you know that the car charger is the right charging level to fit your vehicle and needs.

Charging an electric car
Level 2 EV Charger Installation

Which EV Car Charging Level Do You Need Installed?

Charging an electric vehicle isn’t as simple or fast as filling up with gas in your traditional automobile. With gas motored cars you have different levels of gas, regular, plus, premium, etc. WIth EV charging, you have 3 main levels of chargers. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Level 3 is broken down into two parts. Tesla Supercharging and DC Fast Charge. 

 Level 1 Charging: 120-Volt

  • Connectors Used: J1772, Tesla
  • Charging Speed: 3 to 5 Miles Per Hour
  • Locations: Home, Workplace & Public

These are standard 120 volt outlet chargers. Every electric vehicle can be charged with them. The problem is they are the slowest of all three home charging stations. 

 Level 1 charging works well for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)

Level 2 Charging: 208-Volt to 240-Volt

  • Connectors Used: J1772, Tesla
  • Charging Speed: 12 to 80 Miles Per Hour
  • Locations: Home, Workplace & Public

Hey now we are talking, much faster than a Level 1. Level 2 is the most common everyday charging equipment that can be installed at home, and other locations. Your vehicle’s charge rate and the Level 2 chargers output will determine if you are closer to the 12 miles per hour of charging or the 80 miles per hour of charging.

Level 2 chargers require a 100-amp 208-240V dedicated circuit and wiring from the service panel. Our electric contractors are specialists at installing Level 2 EV Chargers. 

Level 3 Charging: 400– 900 Volts DC 

Fast Charge & Tesla Supercharging

  • Connectors Used: Combined Charging System (Combo), CHAdeMO & Tesla
  • Charging Speed: 3 to 20 Miles Per Minute
  • Locations: Public

Not many homeowners will ever install this Level of car charger as it requires high voltage above what most home have. Another thing is the Level 3 chargers are DC (Direct Current) unlike the Level 1 and 2 which are alternating current (AC).

However, if you are a business wanting to install an EV charging station, our commercial electric contractors would be more than willing to install it for you.

Electric car charger socket type 2 on white vehicle. 3d illustration
Home EV Charger Installation
Man inserts plug of the charger into the socket of electric car close-up
Installing electric vehicle charging station at home

Level 2 Car Charging Station Installation for Your Home.

A large portion of homes in Cape May County, New Jersey can add a circuit breaker for a Level 2 home EV charger without the need to upgrade their electric service. A Level 2 charger needs a dedicated 240-volt circuit. The circuit is like that of an electric range. 


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