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It happens, the drywall in your home gets damaged. Thankfully, we have drywall repair services in Cape May County, ready to fix minor drywall repairs or large sheetrock repairs and everything in between. Pipes break or leak. Moving furniture around or moving in can damage walls and ceilings. Our drywall repair professionals in Cape May County, New Jersey are here to help you, without being messy.

Common Home Drywall Repairs:

  • Cracks in drywall
  • Sheetrock tape showing or coming off.
  • Corner beads get dented or have cracks
  • Inside corner tape is cracking, sagging or coming down.
  • Water leaks or roof leaks.
  • Other contractors cut out drywall and need to be patched.
  • Nail or screw pops.
  • Patching outlets and switches.
  • Door knob punches hole in the wall.
  • Repairs around tubs and showers.
  • And more.

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Remodeling Drywall Repairs

Sometimes when you do a remodeling project, there will be sheetrock patching and repairs that need to be done to complete your renovation. Our drywall repair service contractors can handle these types of remodeling drywall repairs

They make sure that your drywall areas that they repair match your existing walls and ceilings. That way the surfaces are not noticeable after they are primed and painted. Blending in perfectly. Get a drywall renovation repair quote from us today!

Drywall repair services Cape May County, New Jersey
Walls of Interior construction of housing project with drywall installed and patched without

Bathroom Sheetrock Repairs

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that will most likely have drywall that needs repaired. Pipes and faucets can leak inside your walls and ceilings. This takes a toll on your sheetrock. When you see black spots, mold or blistering, it is time to have the drywall removed and repaired. 


If you have a plumber come in to fix a bathroom plumbing issue or have a shower wall kit installed, you will need the walls patched and finished. Our drywall finishers are the local experts at these sheetrock projects.

Dry rot bathroom wall, replace drywall bathroom

Drywall Repairs in the Garage

No room in the house takes a beating like a garage. Car doors hit walls, tools being put back on the rack punch holes in your garage ceiling. No worry, we can fix those drywall problems as well. 


Maybe you are remodeling your garage and installing new organizers or renovating your garage to a man cave. Those walls and ceilings need to be fixed before you start painting. We can do that for you. Get a FREE drywall repair estimate today!

Other reasons to have your drywall fixed. 

  • Wall anchors made a hole.
  • Selling house
  • Repainting a room.
  • Pets damaged drywall.
  • Seams or joints are cracking
  • Drywall tape repairs
  • Plaster repairs.
  • Hole patches.
sheetrock repairs Cape May County, New Jersey

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