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Our drywall contractors are the local drywall installation experts. Working with homeowners, builders and remodelers alike. They can hang sheetrock in any room, walls and ceilings and do one room to entire homes.

The drywall hanging companies at Cape May County Home can give you a detailed estimate, giving the square footage of the area to have drywall installed, plus the correct amount of sheets and what types of drywall you should use.

They will hang the sheets in the proper way either vertically or horizontally based on installation best practices and what will work best so you don’t have cracks and settling issues down the road.

Getting a price to have your sheetrock hung is simple as clicking the button below.

Bathroom remodel progresses as drywall is smoothed
Moisture Resistant Drywall Installed In a Bathroom
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Sheetrock Hung for a Home Addition

Sheetrock Installation on Ceilings

With most drywall projects, hanging the ceiling comes first, even if you are hanging gypsum board on an angled ceiling. Our drywall pros will set up the right equipment to install your drywall ceiling fast and efficiently. 

Hanging Drywall on Walls

Based on the type of room, the area and other factors, our sheetrock installers will hang the boards either vertical or horizontal. They do this to reduce joints to be finished and to have less of a chance for cracking and drywall repairs later down the road.

Moisture Resistant Drywall Installation

Some rooms in your home are considered wet areas and moisture resistant drywall should be hung. Bathrooms, kitchens and even laundry rooms. These rooms should have purple or green boards installed as the gypsum sheets are made different and are made to withstand steam, splashing water and the like. Our drywall installation contractors will inform you of what type of drywall to use in each room of your home.

Hang Fireproof Drywall

To meet local building codes, sometimes fire resistant drywall needs to be installed. Areas like walls and ceilings in garages, in mechanical rooms, attics or other areas prone to fire. This is to protect the adjacent rooms or parts of the home. Normally these sheetrock boards are 5/8ths of an inch thick, compared to standard ½” drywall. Our drywall contractors make sure there are no issues with building codes so your project will pass inspection. 

Interior construction of housing with drywall installed door for a new home before installing
Entire Home Drywall Installation

Common Drywall Installation Projects

  • Home addition drywall hanging
  • Sheetrock installation when remodeling
  • Garage and pole barn drywall installation
  • New Home sheetrock hanging
  • Bathroom MR board installation
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • Drywall installation in basements or attics

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